what kind of lizard are you?

let's find out together!!

out of these, which is your favourite colour?

it’s a friday evening and you have nothing important to do for work or school.
how will you pass the time?

i'm giving you a present! it's a new pair of earrings. what do they look like?
(they can be clip on earrings)

who are you to your friends?

out of these, which is your favourite kind of music?

which of these weapons is the best?

you can instantly learn one of the following skills.
which one are you choosing?

out of these animals, which is your favourite?

i'm giving you another present! it's a flower!
what kind of flower is it?

you want to surprise your best friend with a small gift!
what is it?

you got...

(if you tie for several results, you will get all of them!)