many warped lives

to call our own together!

we are an osdd1b system with 7 members, but who exactly are we? this page should give you an overview. click on the links in the names for our own pages!

people who front often:

jáščer + 24 + any pronouns

jáščer is the host of manyface. ze has been host for a little over 3 years, and has succeeded a dead god. she is a big strong lizard who loves music and sunshine and is devoted to all kinds of art. learning and creating cool new things gives its life meaning. they are psychedelic, warm, kind, determined, and a little sick and twisted. the sparkling scales of warped malachite, the green horizon, the fluke king, and a most pleasant reptile whose limbs always grow back. you can call them j for short.

efir + 24 + it/its

efir is an elegant "woman" made of spider silk, warm wet steel, and melodic metal. fragrant as roses and twice as sharp, a monster covered in its own prehensile blood - while it can be cruel, it acts with grace first and foremost. true love for the world and the people living in it, as well as for its beloved husband jáščer, is what it lives for. imagine a night drunk on flowers and autumnal decay, but flushed crimson red - malevolently romantic. it has the most beautiful voice in the world.

therry + 15 + she/her

therry is the good blue bird girl! she is exceptionally nice, sweet, cheerful, and hardworking - exactly as she was raised to be and entirely of her own accord. a curious child who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. river queen, plague doctor, and prog rock fan. though she's gentle and soft-spoken, she is incredibly proactive. she is jáščer's little sister and also our only introject, of sheeta from castle in the sky. her age is unlikely to change anytime soon.

charlize + 18-20 + he/she

charlize is quite an intense person. chaos, retribution, unapologetic joy, and stimming at hyperspeed - all are charlize! mad, loud, and proud, he's a street-walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm. but no matter how explosive, volatile, or impulsive he is, she's also an adorable catboygirl and a righteous devil. imagine if the colour hot pink knocked you out with a single kiss. the life she craves is a full and exciting one, but chasing her bliss can burn him out. our adhdtism is most visible in him. her age range can change.

shades + 24 + they/he/she/it

shades is our oldest surviving consciousness. she's dubbed shades (that's not her real name) because he likes wearing sunglasses, even though we don't actually own a pair. they're mysterious and confused because they have changed so much, and split off from several times. he doesn't front often because she's trying to develop a sense of identity again, and often feels too dissociated and unstable. they're polite, reserved, somewhat regal in a casual way, and love nature.

people who don't front often:

4 + loosely 26 + he/it/they/xe

4 is an ai robot who shows up in moments of crisis and significant stress. it doesn't front often at all, nowadays, which is a good thing. it can usually be found in the internal maintenance room. he is nonverbal but can type/write, and is very flat and to the point, just like an electronic computer. because xe is built for crisis and functions like an autopilot, they get very bored easily, and don't have much time to pursue their interests, which are technology and music.

alex + 10 + he/him

alex is just a traumatised little kid. the only thing that calms him down is the album cobra juicy by black moth super rainbow. he doesn't front often, which is good because it's usually very distressing for him to exist, but we wish he had the time and space to play and be safe. the small domestic sun you can find in a candle's flame, and the moth drawn to it. a surprising thing about his personality is that he can be pretty snarky, in a childish way you can't fault.

thank you for reading, and have a great day! we really mean it!