the pieces of the puzzle are waiting...

welcome to manyface world!

manyface is a system hosted by jáščer, who is a big lizard who loves going into the sound. our body is 24 and we're white russian people who live in the uk. we are various flavours of gay and trans, and we are also autistic. it's good to meet you!

the purpose of this website is to be a comfortable place to express ourselves as a whole and as individuals. also, it's so cool and important to have a place to show off our artistic pursuits without the pressures of social media. there's a lot of freedom in a website like this, and honestly, we're just having fun!

we love creativity and think that it is important to create! making cool stuff is one of the big meanings of life, and so we have a variety of artistic passions. we write (mostly poetry, which we perform at open mic nights), make all kinds of visual art, and enjoy photography as a hobby.

we have a lot of other hobbies and interests! here is a list: reading, listening to music, keeping a diary, conlangs, ocs, religious studies, embroidery and other crafts, nature, jewellery, and making this website! as for our media tastes - they tend to veer towards horror, sci-fi, and fiction that is symbolic and strange. we like things that explore what it means to be human.

we have a bachelors in mathematics! topics that interest us are topology, group theory, and number theory. maybe someday we'll pursue even further education, but for now we are pursuing a career in poetry and art! we're in the early stages of self-employment, and it's a bit tough... but we believe we'll make it! one thing motivating us is that we'll be able to have a pet lizard once we have career stability!

fun fact: the reason we are called manyface is because it is a direct translation of "polyhedron" from the ancient greek. it is definitely a reference to us being multiple, but it is also a reference to what got us into maths when our body was just 6 years old!

note: this website was made in firefox. it is best viewed with 1920 x 1080 resolution, but it is responsive on mobile and works perfectly fine there! (some header images look bad on mobile though...)

thank you for reading, and have a great day!

future site plans..!

  • lotus-eater page
  • shrines (malachite maid, silat movies, etc)
  • create a mascot character for the website's main pages
  • music recs/topsters page
  • theme switcher between main manyface theme and alter themes
  • more quizzes
  • join a bunch of pixel clubs
  • get therry to update fonts etc
  • blog posts (pride)
  • respond to older muse ariadne prompts
  • add pins to collections page