HIIII EVERYONE!!! my name is CHARLIZE JULIET SPITFIRE and i really truly came up with that surname just now (18th december 2023) because i was sick of not having one. all my ideas sounded like if warrior cats were in the military. they were all shit like pipebomb and bullethell and gunfight, which i think are beautiful names for baby kittens :3

many nicknames can be formed from my first name, don't you think? as such, you can call me CHARLIE or LIZZIE or anything else you like as long as you are being nice!!! of course, feel free to just call me CHARLIZE!

i love cats!!!!! i'm a catgirlboy!!! this means that i have cat ears and a tail, and sharp nails and teeth! in headspace, i look a lot like MY FURSONA, except i have pale human skin instead of white/light pink fur, and am chubbier.

i also love pink things and cute stuff and being very adorable and sweet! i have a lot of fashion styles i like, but if i could, i'd at least try to dabble in sweet lolita! and also i want to dress like a rivethead but that's not the point of this paragraph. the point is that things with ruffles and frills and hearts and baby animals make me happy!!

i also really like GUNS AND EXPLOSIONS!!!!!! and weapons of all sorts!! i don't know a lot about them in real life, but i really like them and wield quite a few in the brain. it's stimmy and fun and thrilling and i like to assert dominance over jáščer by using him as target practice. (we love each other a lot)

so basically, this is me???

anywayyyy the system page says i use he/she pronouns and i'd like elaborate on that! that's because i'm a boy and a girl at the same time, so please switch them up if you can! you can also add cat-themed neopronouns to the mix (stuff like purr.. and meow... idk!!) because i am a cat too!! in a gender way!! if i had to explain it, it's like my male and female identities are sifted through the cat identity when you perceive them? which makes me a catboy and a catgirl! but you don't have to understand it, don't worry!!!

i'm bisexual and single, but because of the trauma i have, i'm real scared of being in a relationship! that doesn't mean i wouldn't like to be in one... it'd have to be with someone who would treat me right, and i don't know if such a person exists!

trauma is a thing, huh! in the past, i was very hurt. i was also very reckless and attention-seeking, and people took advantage of that. i ended up completely hating everything that made me unique, and after wanting all the attention in the world, i started wanting to disappear. but i managed to overcome that and become the person i am today!! a person who embodies righteousness, both in joy and anger! this paragraph isn't to make you feel sorry for me at all, it's to share my UTMOST PRIDE IN MY HEALING!!

OKAYYYYY SERIOUS STUFF OVER!!! it's time to have fun again!! that's what i like to do most of all: having fun!! i don't think i'm very good at academic stuff, and my poetry always comes out really heavy, but i do like to draw (i usually draw my fursona)!! and listen to music, and talk to all our friends, and explore outside!! i have a very short attention span but i'm determined to have a good time every time i'm here!! because i love being happy and i love making other people happy too!!

the music i like is best categorised not by genre but by colour. i don't think this is mentioned anywhere else on the site, but we have mild synaesthesia in the form of having super strong colour associations with most things. and so, the music i like is HOT SHOCKING PINK!!! if you want to get a sense of it, there's one thing you can do!!


here are my feelings on speedcore (specifically about my favourite song), though:

you probably have a good idea of what i'm like by now, but i bet you want to see a ton of SILLY QUIZ RESULTS :3c :3c :3c

the way jáščer describes me to people who haven't met me is "one of those cutesy anime girls who actually has a giant hammer and will clobber you at every given opportunity because she's tsundere as all hell". well, i think it's accurate!! but that doesn't mean i'm not friendly. i love making friends, and i think i am very loyal to the ones i have already!! so i hope that after reading all this, you want to be my friend!!!

byebye!! my fursona says bye too!!