The mistress of sensation, the cruel essential lady.

Behold an iron rose aflower.

My name is Efir Christine Ambrose Realgar, and you have reached my page of this website. I do hope you enjoy your stay.

My favourite things to do are writing, listening to music, taking photos, exploring the city Manyface lives in, and spending money on things my dear husband Jáščer cannot justify buying. I also like to front alongside him and go on dates together.

If love is like a sin for the ones who feel it the most, then I am the proudest picture of sacrilege! I revel in the opulence of my sinful life, for I have built it around love. Love, not only for my husband, but for the world itself - how lucky am I to taste of its fruits! It is with this unapologetic sense of adoration and gratitude that I continue on, eternally romantic in my precious devotion.

Appearance-wise, I look quite similar to the body I inhabit, except with rose-gold hair and burgundy eyes with white pupils. However, the striking thing that truly sets me apart is that I am covered in a great number of wounds that leak prehensile blood. Notably, I bleed from my eyes, and each eye has five streaks of blood that continue long past my face and turn to prehensile appendages that end in hands, which bumps my total number of hands from two up to twelve. I really would like to draw a picture of myself, but I keep forgetting to...

I have been told by many that I have a remarkably beautiful voice, and without trying to seem conceited, I do agree with those judgements. I like to hear myself speak, and I love to share my voice with others! A long time ago, when I first became myself, I was very reluctant to share my speech with those I did not find worthy - but this miserable narcissism is a thing of the past.

I will speak a little about my past. I used to be a being of hate, long ago, but that was because I channeled all of my passions into the protection of this body and mind. Now that I do not need to fight tooth and nail to defend our dignity, I can live beyond the venom I once seethed. I also was once the delusional god of death, but I have cast off my divinity to be human. Human is a wonderful thing to be, and though I look like some sort of monster, I think those things are not mutually exclusive.

We will now return to the present, with a foray into my music taste. I like many different songs, but my favourite genre is Japanese metal. In particular, I favour the gothic lolita subgenre (although it is not always metal). I am also a fan of the elegant gothic lolita aesthetic and fashion style in general, but it is far too expensive for me to indulge in it outside of headspace when the others in Manyface do not feel quite the same.

Please enjoy listening to my playlist.

Going back to fashion, I enjoy wearing makeup and jewellery. If I am fortuitous enough to front in the morning, I will be wearing dark lipstick and red eyeshadow.

Gender-wise, I am a "woman". This is to say that I am feminine, and female-aligned, but not cis or trans about it. I can mess with my presentation should the mood strikes, and I like to think of myself as a woman in the same way that the moon can be a woman. For that reason, my pronouns are it/its.

Sexuality-wise, I do not care for a label, as the only person I am romantically attracted to and excited about having sex with is my husband. I'm not opposed to fooling around with other people, but it is always just for fun. I have already divulged quite a bit of information about myself, so I am more than happy to tell whoever is reading this that I am also a sadomasochist, which is a rather integral part of my identity.

We have a tattoo on our body that is dedicated to me! Specifically, it is about the love I share with my Jáščer. I am the roses, and my husband is my shining sun. The eye in the centre's only purpose is being sexy and fun. This tattoo was designed by one of our best friends!

I don't know what other information I can give you as to who I am, but here is a page of quiz results.

With this, we must part ways. I may be a strange individual, but I am rather charming, no?