what are we doing right now?

last updated: june 2nd, 2024!

still unemployed and struggling financially, but making progress towards doing what we love full-time! just made a lot of prints of our artwork, which we are very probably going to sell (along with our poetry book) at a local art gallery. we have a meeting with the venue manager on the 6th of june, and we'll also be looking to get a job there, as we are already friends with some of the staff.

the other place we're going to sell our prints at is an upcoming diy festival, where we are also going to be doing performance poetry. that's on the 15th of june, and we're really excited for it!

speaking of performance poetry, we do that a lot nowadays. like, a lot. we go to 4-5 different open mic nights a month, and have a lot of local poet friends!

of course, since we perform so frequently, we also write pretty often. lately, the muse ariadne writing club has been a source of a lot of the inspiration. we also paint often, and have a big painting commission that we need to complete.

we have also been buidling our photography skills by going to a photography club for young adults every week. there's currently an exhibition on (at the same gallery as the one we'd like to sell/work at) that launched on the 30th of may that's made up of work made by that photography group. there's a big video of us performing poetry as part of the exhibition, too!

we go to some art groups too, and recently started volunteering at an art group for autistic adults. that happens twice a month, and it's pretty chill.

to be honest, a lot of what we do is stuff we consider "work-related" and "productive", and we have an unhealthy complex about staying on that grindset. so we've been trying to allow ourselves to unwind sometimes, and just enjoy life. we do genuinely enjoy working, but there needs to be a balance, and when we find ourselves getting extremely stressed out about the idea of not working, we know we should be kinder to ourselves.

our (well, jáščer's and charlize's) wonderful girlfriend has helped a lot in that regard. hanging out with her is really chill and comforting and just plain fun, and the way she loves us helps us love ourselves more. we started dating on the 5th of may, so things are still new, but it feels "just right".

okay, but what about media and hobbies? well, we really like to read books, and are doing amazing on our goal of reading 36 new books this year (so far we have 16/36). we mostly read translated (usually japanese) contemporary fiction. our goal to watch 24 new movies this year is failing miserably, though, as we only have 3... but we are determined to get there!

so, in conclusion, there are lots of cool things happening this month, and lots of opportunities shining brightly! as we try to seize the day, we have to remember to take time for ourselves too. and to eat lots of egg fried rice, because it is very cheap to make.

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