welcome to the wondrous world of birds!

i'm your feathered friend, therry!

i am a nice girl who is most birds, but i favour small songbirds! though this particular species does not sing very well, my fursona is a blue jay. i also really like waterfowl, and i think my favourite type is a swan!

truth be told, i do not look much like a bird, and i only have wings when i feel like it. they have dark purply blue feathers, like the night sky! the way i actually look in headspace is much like sheeta from castle in the sky in her blue dress from the start of the movie. except, my hair is dark purply blue, the colour of ink and cornflowers, and i don't wear a headband. i also look a little bit older than her, though my height is 4'11".

our system page mentions that i'm an introject of sheeta, and that's true! here is a gif of sheeta i particularly like:

but i hope that you can separate me from the character, and treat me like my own person. i don't appreciate being reduced to my source.

regarding my gender and sexuality, i'm a demigirl! my non-girl identity is agender. i'm also a lesbian!! i thought i was ace as well for a very long time, but right now i am questioning that.

my favourite things to do are creating (art, writing, photography), listening to music, learning new things, and just being part of the world! i find very few things stressful and/or difficult, so if there's any task that needs the therry approach, i'm sure to complete it in no time! i think i am very hardworking!

regarding music, you may notice in the sidebar and/or the system page that i'm a very big fan of prog rock! this is true!! aside from genesis, my favourite bands are metric, viktor tsoi, pink floyd, yes, and levitation room! really, my favourite thing in music is this sense of blue clarity... a melancholy wonder, like that of a young child seeing the sea from a cliff for the very first time! i just find that prog rock captures that feeling very well - but i'm not at all opposed to other genres. jáščer often makes fun of me for listening to so much dad music, and while my tastes veer towards the... fatherly, i can't help it! it's good stuff!!

here's my playlist :>

now is as good a time as any to link you to my page of silly quiz results!

i don't really care about kinning much... but aside from being a bird and sheeta, i like to think of myself as a gamayun. if you didn't know what a gamayun is, it's a prophetic bird from russian folklore! here's a picture of me as one!

i'm kind of like if a plague doctor was a magical girl...

i don't know what else i should say here, so i will end with this: please be kind to yourself! you deserve kindness, care, and patience, and i hope you have an incredible day filled with joy and curiosity! remember that the sun shines for you, and that you are loved!

i hope that my page made you smile!