they call me jáščer on account of me being a big lizard.

seriously, that's what my name means.
it's prononounced yashcher, but you can also call me j.

i feel like most of my fun facts about myself concern our artistic pursuits, which we have covered in the collective pages...

while it's true that creating stuff is my biggest special interest, i also have a special interest in music. sharing music is my favourite way to infodump!

listen to my playlist!!!

that's me up there, groovin to the beats :)

honestly though, this playlist does not do any justice to the sheer amount of touhou arranges i listen to... i have been known to rip my metaphorical shirt off when that bloody devotion hits.

what's my gender? well, it's genderful. it's colourful and psychedelic and it can be anything you want. it's also lizard-shaped, of course! it'd be a lie to say i don't care what people think of me, but i think any perception is interesting. if you think i'm a woman, that's cool - and it's cool if you think i'm a man, or a song, or a star, or a knife.

about my sexuality... [clears throat] are you ready for some absolute bars?

[eminem voice]
hey girl i think you're awesome so i don't know how to say this:
i cannot be your man cuz i'm asexual and a sadist!
sex without knives is pointless. if you like this dagger's shine
then when it comes to romance you will have to get in line!
i have a girlfriend and a wife and they're extremely cool,
i make them bleed and cry a lot cuz them's the fucking rules.
i went to see the doctor cuz i thought they'd fix my brain -
they told me i was fine, just really really into pain.
you do not have to be some fancy schmancy intellectual
to understand that i am just a sadist and asexual!

and that there is the gospel truth. well, not quite... i'm also bisexual (and a sadist) at the same time.

my orientations don't doesn't really matter though, because i'm married to my beautiful wife efir and we are very happy together! i love it very much and it is the most beautiful flower in the world. i want to be by its side forever and when it holds me in its embrace, i feel so extraordinary! it is the rightful wielder of my weapon self!

as stated in the silly poem above, i also have a girlfriend! her name is acil and she is so brain-shatteringly important to me. she's the most epic dragon ever and i trust her to protect all my dreams. i love them so much - we've transformed each other's lives in a way nobody else could truly understand. she makes me so happy and safe.

ahem... i'm not at all embarrassed of the love i feel for my partners, but i could speak about them all day, and so i must move on to more about me.

now, i may be a lizard, but i believe that this non-lacertilian image has precisely distilled my weird and complicated selfhood.

that's right. it's this picture of sakura matou standing in a random garage while wearing a pair of bright green shutter shades.
(i'm joking about taking this so seriously, but the utter kinship i feel with this image is uncanny and remarkable)

here's another thingy that summarises quite a bit:

i am all of these things :)
anarchist, asexual, autistic, bisexual, boy in a skirt, boy lover, creative, fat, fetishist, freak, full of love, gay, gender fluid, genderful, human, leftist, lizard, multigender, pervert, sadist, survivor, trans
how about you?

if you're interested in more of my identity stuff, how about some quiz results from yours truly? they are all pretty silly but then again so is most of my entire page.

now, i will be honest: i'm not really one to get brainworms over media. but when i do, they grip me like a fucking vice. so i gotta disclose that my fictional husbands are elan ceres (all three of them) and kariya matou. and that i ship all three of the elans with each other. i have kind of a thing for clones. i'm the clones guy. the following image accurately describes how i feel about identical boys making out before dying in big mechs. it's also just a very good, relatable image that i cherish.

oh yeah check out my tattoo that symbolises my life as an alter in manyface and as a human being and as a lizard.

i'm gonna be serious for a bit as i explain the meaning of the tattoo, okay?

i have overcome a lot by simply being here. i have taken ownership of a life that did not belong for me and had no space for me, and i have managed to fulfil the dying goals of the past host. i have survived despite all odds, and i have emerged victorious over the obstacles that struck him down and the obstacles that he created by leaving me with this existence. in part, the dagger symbolises him: sharp, bright, and violent. the lizard's position on top of it and the flowers growing around it are my proof that better things can arise from a weapon being laid to rest.

still, i have every quality of a weapon too, for they are my inheritance. this is why the dagger has a pearlescent blade: i tend to it in splended colour. and so, i must never forget my origin and the one who i split from, even as i have succeeded him in every sense of the word. may he rest in peace, for i have brought him down forever!

when i say that i'm a human being and a lizard, i mean that i fully acknowledge both of these identities. i do not ever want to diminish my humanity, because my predecessor as host had nonhuman delusions and a history of being idolised for them. so as much as i will call myself a lizard, i am human and i am immensely proud of that!

part of the lizard thing is that i'm also a lsd elemental. the lysergic successor-dominator, if you will. i'm just really cool, honestly.

if you're curious as to what i look like in headspace, it's basically like... a lizard kemonomimi. i got a tail and a long forked tongue and funky eyes and sharp teeth and nails. also, my hair and eyes are green (the body's hair and eyes are brown).

here's a "reference" picture i drew of myself in april 2024!

and here's a gay little self portrait i drew in october 2022. it's still a pretty damn accurate representation of me!

well, i think that's all from me! you have seen many swagular pictures while reading this page, but i shall leave you with another one: two elan cereses being yaoiful (modestly cropped edition)