our curse has bound us to the task:

create or die trying!

though we mostly write poetry, we also write prose sometimes. our first prose piece was a prose poem that we wrote in 2021: The Russian Dream. that was one of the pieces that rekindled our passion for writing - though our lives have been dedicated to poetry since childhood, mental illness made it difficult to experience the same unrelenting drive constantly.

through becoming looser with our creative forms, a switch flipped in our head - creation could be playful and not as energy-consuming as it was previously. the same thing happened with us becoming abstract artists after a lifetime of character art. 2021 was a very pivotal year for us, honestly.

the point is that, since 2021, we have continued to write lots of poetry, some of which is prosaic in nature (which is a contradiction, we know! but art has no rules, so there!). we have also started writing longer prose pieces, though, which is something we never knew we were capable of.

prose genres we write in are prose poetry, memoirs, essays, and short stories.

this page collects the longer prose pieces we have posted to our website in a convenient list. they are ordered in reverse chronological order of what has been posted to the website (so, the latest additions to the website are at the top).

The Stone Flower

Mr. and Mrs. Hope

In Support of Loving Order

if you'd like to read some more of our writing, check out our poetry and our page for the muse ariadne writing club.